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Geby Freight LLC

1 Chisholm Trail Road, Suite 450 Round Rock TX, 78681

Phone: 800-495-6506

MC# 109121

USDOT# 3145119

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We are in the making, so tell us what you look for the most when you need to find trucks for your cargo?


About the Owner 


Eric L. Gebhardt

I had the great fortune of serving my country in the United States Air Force. Leaving my home state of Pennsylvania was destined. My first duty assignment was at F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY. While stationed there, I was part of the Minuteman ICBM missile community. After my separation, I spent over 18 years working for a hi-tech semiconductor company, Applied Materials. In the engineering field I traveled internationally, predominately across Asia and Europe, working with customers to solve high value problems.

Travel was always fascinating to me. The speed at which all things move is ever increasing as global commerce grows. It was clear to me that I needed to be part of the integral cog that makes economies thrive. My education, global awareness and honorable career both in the USAF and corporate America prepared me for the creation of my company

GEBY Freight.





Look for the suitable truck types for your load, there would be many nearby. Don't forget to allow GPS permission :)



See trucks nearby, drivers accept your request and the cost estimation from start to end destinations to book.



Track your freight real-time on the apps until it reaches the destination, protected delivery confirmation as well.


Here are your benefits:


Imagine you are on a holiday trip and there's an emergency consignment to be sent, just open up to Geby App and you are sorted. You can track it from any device further by logging in to your account.


Our Drivers are to serve and not to over charge, we make sure of that. Demand is considered a work request and trucking as a service to make it affordable for individuals and companies.


There are multiple types of trucks listed on our website and app to make an appropriate selection.


We work with professionals to cater the demand and supply in a very responsible manner. We understand that your goods are valuable enough to source our operational base, it's core and near to our heart and mind.



#1 in FTL Freight Carriers & LTL Freight Carriers

Best in FTL Shipping & LTL Shipping

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Shipping items from one place to another requires careful planning, good transport solutions, and reliable carriers. This is especially true for large shipments of high value because you can only trust a reliable and experienced company to handle them. At Geby Transport, we provide expert LTL and FTL freight services that you can trust. With us, you can expect professionalism, prompt service, reliable drivers, and good rates. If you’re looking for reliable services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.


What Kind of Services Do We Provide?


Our company provides a versatile range of services so you can find something that ticks all boxes easily. We are both FTL and LTL carriers so no matter what the size of your cargo is, our team can help. Here’s a look at both of these options:


What is Full Truck Load Shipping?


FTL shipping involves booking an entire truck to transport your shipment. A full truckload means the items will occupy the entire space in the truck, and there’s no waste. Many clients choose the FTL service even if they don’t have a full truck’s worth of contents because this is a faster and more secure way to transport items. Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages of FTL services:


  • Large or Heavy Haul Shipments – If you have a large or heavy shipment, FTL is the best option because you have ample space to store the items securely. This ensures the items aren’t damaged or disrupted during transport. We know how to load and transport large items carefully and will help you with the process.


  • High Risk and Fragile Shipments – High risk or fragile shipments require more care so it is important to ensure they’re not disrupted during transportation. FTL service is uninterrupted for the most part and we won’t add additional cargo from other clients in your truck. This helps keep your cargo secure throughout the journey.


  • No Switching – Your shipment stays in one truck from the origin to the destination. There is no repacking, disruption, or switching. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures your shipment reaches the destination safely. Switching can place your shipment at considerable risk, especially if the load is heavy or fragile.


  • Faster – FTL shipping is much faster because the truck doesn’t stop until it reaches the destination. It doesn’t visit multiple clients to pick up additional loads for transport, there’s no switching or repacking, and there are no delays because of drop-offs. Your shipment reaches its destination in the shortest possible time, which is essential for business owners or professionals who want to get their items delivered quickly.


FTL freight can be more expensive but the benefits are often worth the additional cost. We make sure our clients get the best rates in every category so this service are still affordable.


What is Less Than Truck Load Shipping?


Sometimes clients don’t have a shipment that can fill the entire truck space. In such cases, we recommend LTL shipping. Less Than Truck Load shipping has several advantages over FTL services, which is why it is so popular with business owners or professionals on a budget. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of LTL:


  • Affordable – One of the biggest advantages of LTL is affordability. You only pay for the amount of truck floor space you need. This allows clients to split the cost of hiring the truck with other clients on the same route. LTL is more cost-effective if you have to make multiple deliveries or deliveries to multiple destinations. This is more affordable than regular parcel shipping, which is why e-commerce retailers love it.


  • Pick Up and Delivery Service – Pick-up and delivery assistance is especially useful on trips with multiple destinations. Our team can sort through your shipment and make sure every item reaches its intended location without any errors or misplacements. Our logistics team plans these deliveries well to ensure the drivers can identify all packages easily.


  • Flexibility – You can ship items of all shapes and sizes easily through LTL freight. There’s very little limit on load size or shape, which makes this a convenient alternative to other shipping options available. Regular postal shipping has many restrictions on the size and shape of the items. It also has multiple rates for different sizes, which can get very confusing if you need to transport a large number of items.


  • Speed – You don’t need to wait until your shipment is large enough to occupy a full truck before shipping it. In the modern business environment, it is important to deliver products promptly because delays can cause clients to turn to your competitors. With LTL shipping, it’s possible to transport even the smallest items promptly at an affordable cost.


  • Eco-Friendly – LTL is eco-friendly because no space on the truck is wasted, which reduces the number of trips and fuel consumption. We fill all available space in the truck with shipments from multiple clients and plan the routes carefully to ensure there’s no overlap. FTL load that doesn’t fill the entire truck are less eco-friendly.


This solution is ideal for e-commerce businesses that have smaller shipments. The shipment size can range from anywhere between 100lbs to 5,000lbs so you can easily find an affordable LTL solution for your shipment.


App Based Service


Modern technology has opened many doors and avenues to help improve the overall quality of freight services. We can use GPS to actively track trucks, communicate with drivers instantly, plan trips without delays, and allow clients to reach us through multiple mediums.


With that in mind, we have created an app-based service that allows clients to book a truck through their mobile phone. The app has an intuitive user interface that makes booking, scheduling, and payment very easy. You will have the convenience of a full freight shipping service at your fingertips. Here’s a look at what you can do:


  • On-Demand Service – You can book a freight on-demand at any time of the day. The closest available truck willing to pick up your shipment will arrive at your location as quickly as possible. This is ideal for people dealing with last-minute cancellations or similar hurdles.


  • Pre-Scheduled Service – You can schedule a pickup well in advance if needed. This ensures you always have a truck ready to go on time and don’t have to rely on the uncertainty of last-minute booking. Scheduling a pickup is easy and reliable.


Using the app is convenient, especially if you’re on the move and don’t have a computer with you. Busy business owners can easily book the service during their commute, which can help save time. Whether you want FTL freight or LTL freight, this app will find the best option for the requirement easily.


Why Choose Us?


There are many shipping service providers and most clients struggle to choose one that can serve them best. We are considered one of the best FTL and LTL shipping service providers in the region so if you want reliable services, there’s no need to look far. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your shipment:


  • Excellent Logistics – Shipping requires careful planning because there are many things that can easily go wrong during the process. That’s one of the reasons why we make sure every shipping assignment is planned down to the last detail. This ensures all items reach the destination on time and unharmed.


  • Great Customer Service – We always strive to establish a great long-term relationship with our customers. That’s why we have a well-trained customer service team that can help in all aspects of our service from scheduling to tracking. Our dedicated professionals will answer any question you might have regarding our services.


  • Reliable Employees – All our drivers are trained to provide reliable and professional services to our clients. They undergo a thorough verification process before employment to ensure you don’t have to worry about your shipment being misplaced or stolen. We make sure all drivers have the required licenses and certifications, and a good background. This ensures you can trust our service providers with your high-value shipments.


  • License and Insurance – We’re a fully licensed, insured, and certified company. Our services live up to established industry standards so you can be certain your shipment will reach the destination safely. As a customer-oriented company, we make sure your interests are protected.


We make sure all our rates are competitive and straightforward. There are no hidden costs to surprise you at the end of the trip. All expenses will be explained in detail and our customer care executives will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our quote.


If you want to know more about our services here at Geby Transport, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can contact us through our form or give us a call on 800-495-6506 to get an accurate freight quote.